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House and Transportation | Alan Geraci 2020, San Marcos City Council 3rd District

Our City is growing. Housing needs exist for market and affordable housing residents. State mandates that every community meet housing needs must be addressed intelligently and with the overall goal of including mitigation for traffic concerns in San Marcos, building the quality schools and infrastructure San Marcos deserves, and preserving the beautiful open space that makes our parks and recreation areas so special.

Climate Action Plan | Alan Geraci 2020, San Marcos City Council 3rd District

San Marcos needs a strong Climate Action Plan. The world’s climate is changing rapidly and is the direct cause of long term use of carbon-based fuels. Climate action requires the coordination of world, national, state and local interests to assure that we reverse the devastating effects of climate change.

Building Business | Alan Geraci 2020, San Marcos City Council 3rd District

San Marcos is the North County hub for business. Many federal, state and county government offices are logically located in San Marcos. Cal State is beautifully set in our City. San Marcos will continue to be seen as a destination for schools and dining, we must become more attractive to larger employers who see the value not only of a highly educated community, but a high quality of life for its employees. As a business owner in the City, I recognize the special needs for our local businesses and will use my knowledge and skills to assure all businesses, while contributing to the culture and life in San Marcos, also get a fair shake in the City.

Protecting Our Seniors | Alan Geraci 2020, San Marcos City Council 3rd District

Affordable housing includes the abundance of residences to our seniors. Protecting the housing element for those on fixed incomes is part of the protection San Marcos must afford to its seniors as the City grows. As part of his legal practice, Alan has protected senors from both physical and financial abuses and will continue to use his awareness of the propensity to these abuses as a council member.

Public Safety | Alan Geraci 2020, San Marcos City Council 3rd District

No greater responsibility exists for public service than to assure the safety of the community. We have all seen how well our local fire department responds to fighting and preventing the fires that have become a 365-day concern. It is important that our fire department has the tools it needs to continue that great work, including the funds for superior staffing, equipment, and training. Equally important, as the Sheriff’s Department continues to service our community, all the local needs for equipment and tools must be a priority to protect our community from crime.