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Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan

A San Marcos Green New Deal (SMGND) calls for the swift and complete conversion to a 100 percent renewable energy system for both electricity and transport by 2030, partnered with the full de-carbonization of the economy by 2040. We recognize that as a municipality,  mandates from the County of San Diego and State of California can preempt SMGND unless the restrictions exceed such mandates. When discussing certain policy objectives for the “region,” we include North San Diego County and San Diego County at large. With focused investments on the city and county level, San Marcos will pioneer the economy of the future. SMGND can lead our region out of the economic crisis as well as the climate crisis.

SMGND is our local civic commitment to a Green economic recovery as we emerge stronger after the Covid-19 Pandemic. Preparing San Marcos workforce for the Green era is essential to maintaining San Marcos’s leadership in innovation and prosperity.

We must all call upon all local elected leaders to correctly recognize the urgency of climate change, which demands a re-imagining of public works and market incentives. SMGND aims to help build a foundation for a healthier, more equitable clean-energy future for all
of us.

San Marcos must and will be climate neutral by 2045. To achieve this, we need to surpass the state’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction  targets. We must plan and prepare for the threats of climate change within our own communities — the threats that are already here and the threats science predicts we will be facing. Bold action must be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon, and transition to a carbon-free economy.

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